In July 2006 a group of community and business leaders from Verona recognized that the quality of the educational system and the vitality of the community it serves are intertwined. They recognized that due to diminished funding by state programs, crucial enhancements of basic education were no longer available and through the establishment of a charitable 501 (c) 3 foundation, they could offer the opportunities to Verona’s educators that would ensure creative, new and exciting avenues of learning for our students remain available despite fiscal difficulties.

Our Story

The VFEE trustees work very hard soliciting donations to fund a comprehensive grant program designed to enhance the educational experiences of Verona’s children.  The faculty and staff of the district can apply for grants that, if selected, will provide the necessary resources to expand, enhance, and enrich the classroom learning experience. In addition to individual classroom grant awards, VFEE also funds major projects that enable a school, a department, or team access to larger cash awards to further enhance a particular educational initiative.

Board of Trustees

Nick Klose, Chairperson
Luigi Cappello, Vice Chairperson
Doug Smith, Treasurer
Branka Kurta-Ali, Secretary
Michael Foley
Susan Frizzi
Kristopher Grossman
Cathy Jackson
Lynn Mortimer
Michelle Posner
Palma Quagliata
Jackie Quattrocchi
Richard Rampolla
Edith Reis, Ed.D.
Lisa Remler
Kevin Riedy
Sarina Rivera
Libby Skinner
Nancy Ziebert