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The Verona Foundation for Educational Excellence is Verona’s only educational fund aimed at raising private funds to invest in our most important resource, our students.


Our Mission is..

To Inspire Minds One Grant at a Time, and indeed, that is what we do each year.

The money we raise throughout the year is channeled to our teachers through grants that enhance the curriculum via special learning experiences, educational tools and equipment. 

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Our Goal...

Enrich the classroom experience, beyond the curriculum, by awarding grants to Verona teachers and administrators.

Since 2006, VFEE has donated over

$450,000 in grants

In July 2006 a group of community and business leaders from Verona recognized that the quality of the educational system and the vitality of the community it serves are intertwined. They recognized that due to diminished funding by state programs, crucial enhancements of basic education were no longer available and through the establishment of a charitable 501 (c) 3 foundation, they could offer the opportunities to Verona’s educators that would ensure creative, new and exciting avenues of learning for our students remain available despite fiscal difficulties.



The VFEE trustees work very hard soliciting donations to fund a comprehensive grant program designed to enhance the educational experiences of Verona’s children. 


The faculty and staff of the district can apply for grants that, if selected, will provide the necessary resources to expand, enhance, and enrich the classroom learning experience.


In addition to individual classroom grant awards, VFEE also funds major projects that enable a school, a department, or team access to larger cash awards to further enhance a particular educational initiative.


VFEE is here, ready and willing to work with you, on new and interesting grant requests. No grant submission is too small! Check out our APPLY FOR GRANT page for application details or email

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See our list of Grants
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VFEE congratulates Alexander Cali of Verona High School on receiving a grant to purchase equipment to help jumpstart the high school’s Strategic Gaming Club (Esports). Esports at VHS offers students another fun and creative avenue to form bonds with their peers, work together as part of a team, and gain the benefits of social-emotional learning from their teammates. Esports is rapidly growing, with colleges and universities offering Esport scholarships and financial aid, and degrees/business concentrations in esports management. We look forward to seeing what this new club does!

Platinum Sponsors


VFEE Board Of Trustees

Richard Rampolla, Chairperson

Sarina Rivera, Vice Chairperson
Luigi Cappello
Edith Ries, Ed.D.
Lynn Mortimer
Jon Chevalier

Yvette McNeal

Jackie Quattrocchi
Jayme Lim
Libby Skinner
Nancy Ziebert

Tovah Kopan

Jeff Chirico

John McIlroy

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